What is Kenya doing in Somalia’s maritime affairs? – UM

Kenya celebrates as its elected this week as the chair of Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS). Photo courtesy: Google

Mogadishu (UM) – Kenya is once again celebrating another humiliating victory over Somalia as it is elected to Chair the influential Contact Group on Piracy of the Coast of Somalia in January 2020. The official position of Kenya is that this new role will allow Kenya the chance to coordinate regional and international efforts to deal with piracy off the coast of Somalia but Somalis must be wary that this also gives Kenya a big advantage in their intelligence gathering and abilities to affect maritime events. Why are the Somali people worried? Because Kenya is trying to steal their maritime territory which they all hope International Court of Justice will soon stop by ruling in Somalia’s favor.

Whatever the role of the Contact Group, Kenya should not be allowed anywhere near Somali Maritime affairs because of the on-going case in the International Court of Justice. The members of the Contact Group are wrong to have supported Kenya’s candidacy and the Somali government, most particularly the Foreign Ministry, has failed again to stop Kenya’s humiliation of Somalia. The enemy in court is now the lead maritime police inspector of Somali seas which they seek to steal. Shame on the Somali leadership and shame on the failed Foreign Ministry. President Farmajo has bored this nation with his promise to integrate the Horn of Africa but will Somalia still belong to Somalis if this government’s foreign policy failures with Kenya continues?

According to the UN official website “The Contact Group,  established 14 January 2009 pursuant to United Nations Security Council resolution 1851 (2008), is a voluntary, ad hoc international forum of approximately 70 countries, organizations and industry groups with a common interest in combating piracy in the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean, and bringing to justice pirates and their financiers and facilitators.” This common interest does not extend to protecting Somalia’s maritime sovereignty from Kenya and the intentions of the members of this Group must be questioned. The UN will be failing in its duties if, as a result of this political disaster it clearly is a part of, tensions between Somalia and Kenya escalate after the International Court of Justice verdict is made public within the period in which Kenya Chairs this group. The UN has a duty to promote peace and stability across the world, not inflame tensions.

The Somali Foreign Ministry has taken weak pathetic actions after Kenya’s election to chair the Contact Group and UM is reliably informed by a senior Ministry official that no Minister from attended this important meeting. if this is the case, this a criminal act against the people of Somalia which the Ministry represents in matters of Foreign Affairs. If the Somali seat at the Contact Group meeting was empty when Kenya was elected as Chair while it continues to bully and threaten Somalia, the Ministers must be sacked and the Ministry reformed from top to bottom. What use are these failing Ministers and officials if they can’t protect Somali interests abroad? Political insiders report that President Farmajo is angry with the Ministers and the Foreign Ministry but what use is this now? Will his anger within the walls of Villa Somalia change anything now?

The Somali Federal government also released a statement warning those they see as collaborating with Kenya against undermining Somali interest to stop or face the consequences. All those who assist Kenya in any way to hurt Somalia’s interests must be dealt with including the leaders of the federal member states. But the government does not see that its poor actions and foreign policy failures is what is emboldening Kenya.

The Somali people are tired of humiliation from Kenya. This government needs to convince its people that it is serious about protecting them and their country from further humiliation and aggression from Kenya. Enough is Enough!