Khaire is wrong: Somalis will fight for their sea – UM

Hassan Ali Kheyre Former Somali Prime Minister with President Kenyatta. Photo courtesy/ Google

Mogadishu (UM) – Hassan Ali Khaire looks like he will say anything to get elected in Somalia’s next presidential election, including giving away Somalia’s maritime rights to Kenya.

In a Facebook post which she later quickly changed, Kenyan Senator Falhada Dekow Iman wrote that Somalia’s former Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire promised to find a “sustainable” solution to the maritime dispute between Somalia and Kenya if elected president of Somalia. She has since pulled down the post on her Facebook and apologised for exposing details of the maritime promise made during a morning breakfast between Kenyan- Somali Senators and Hassan Ali Khaire in Nairobi. Whatever was promised to them by Khaire, she and all Kenyans have to know that Somalia’s waters are not for negotiating by anybody. Hassan Ali Khaire was deposed in less than 7 minutes by Parliament in July after betraying the trust of the President who appointed him to this senior position from his obscure existence on the sidelines of Somali politics. Mr. Khaire is not in a position to make any promises and if he does he cannot be trusted to fulfill them. Even if he really intends to find a sustainable solution he can’t because the Somali people will never accept it. Somalia’s waters belong to the Somali people! The days of Nairobi undermining Somalia with traitors with political ambitions has finished.

The International Court of Justice will not keep delaying the maritime case and experts agree Kenya is wrong to make any claim to Somalia’s sea. If desperate Somali politicians come with fake stories of finding “sustainable solutions” to facilitate Kenya’s robbery of Somalia’s seas, they must not be fooled because they are lying. Somalis will never give an inch of their assets and resources to anybody. The sooner Kenya understands this the quicker they will not treated like fools by desperate Somali politicians.

All Kenyan politicians must know that any Somali presidential candidate who seeks their help is seen as a traitor in Somalia. They will have no chance of becoming President. Many Somalis are still shocked any Presidential hopeful will go to a country which is openly hostile to Somalia like Kenya let alone ask for help from it. The other political hopefuls are happy tonight because Kenyan-Somali Senators have destroyed Hassan Ali Khaire’s hopes of election as President when Senator Iman posted her first message on Facebook.