Kenya’s delay games is sign of their bankrupt legal argument – UM 

Kenya's delay games is sign of their bankrupt legal argument. Image/ Reuters

Mogadishu ( UM) – Kenya has decided to pull out of the ICJ hearing which started today after arguing that it was not ready many times before. Kenya is committed to delaying the hearing for the case against their illegal and bankrupt claim to Somali waters which they cannot even explain or defend in court. The Somali government, starting from the last administration, has remained determined in its policy to defend Somalia’s maritime territory from a cheating and abusive neighbour which is trying to take advantage of Somalia’s weakness. Kenya has acted as a friend in the past but its activities have shown that it is nothing more than a predator which is hurting Somalia’s interest. Somalia, Kenya must know, will not allow this to ever happen. Somalia will defend its land and sea territory against the Wolf in Sheeps clothes that is Kenya.

The Kenyans wanted another delay to the maritime case because of COVID-19, a fake cry of poverty and not having enough time to consult their legal counsel. Kenya can afford to pay its lawyers and COVID has affected every country in the world, not just Kenya. Kenya never has enough time to consult its legal team because they sack them if they do not tell them that they can win in their fake claim to Somalia’s waters. International lawyers work on evidence not fabrications that are common in the corrupted Kenyan legal system and government.

The Kenyan protest that the presence of Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, a Somali national, as one of the main judges for the case is a total nonsense as the Honourable judge is reputed to be professional and fair. He was also the President of the Court in past hearings which he is not today. Kenyan troops in Somalia are within the AMISOM forces and carrying out illegal activities across the border regions while interfering in Somali politics. Kenyan nationals are also working across Somali projects in international institutions and within Somalia. Where does Kenya have the right to complain about Judge Abdulqawi? Kenyan hypocrisy and bad faith is shocking but not surprising.

The Somali government must stick by the case and representatives led by the Deputy Prime Minister must remain in the Hague until the case is opened and the hearing is finalised. Somalia must also not be intimidated by Kenya’s bullying tactics and stand up to Kenyan interference in Somalia’s domestic politics. Defending Somalia’s seas from Kenyan thievery is a national cause which every Somali government and citizen will defend. There will be no time when any Somali government or national would ever allow Kenya an inch of any part of its territory.

Kenya’s contempt for the ICJ is clear. Kenya wants a settlement out of court because it has no legal case. An important step for the Somali government is to expel Kenyan Forces within AMISOM and to request the removal of Kenyan nationals from all Somalia related work at the UN, African Union, IGAD, World Bank, IMF, African Development Bank and the Islamic Development Bank. These people are profiting at the expense of the country and people their country is trying to rob of its maritime rights. The Somali people in kenya must also repatriate their wealth home or continue moving to places where they and their investments are welcome like Tanzania, Uganda as well as Turkey.