A credible election is the only way to avoid total chaos – UM

A credible election is the only way to avoid total chaos. Photo courtesy: Villa Somalia

Mogadishu (UM) – The Somali Elections are very late and this happens every election. So no need to worry so much about timing but what is worrying is the continued disagreement over the operations of the elections between the government and opposition Partys. Political observers are concerned about when rather than how elections will happen but without consensus the election process and outcome will lead to a very destabilising future.

Somalia can’t afford political gridlock or new tensions and civil unrest because the political and economic future looks so fragile. An aggressive publicly contested election process only makes things worst.

Somalia’s citizens and partners need an agreed election roadmap from all political actors in Somalia. Villa Somalia and President Farmajo have taken the brunt of criticism but opposition political leaders have to also act responsibly. All political dreams must put the country first and not hurt the Somali people’s already difficult lives.

Somalia faces an upsurge in Coronavirus cases, economic stagnation and the security challenge is worsened by the disagreement over the electoral process. A delayed and divisive election will hurt Somalia  long after the elections are over.