The best decision you ever made, Mr. President – UM

Now, President Farmajo is only Somali and is free to represent his people even in America where he was from before he became president. Photo courtesy: Villa Somalia.

Mogadishu (UM) – The news that President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has finally renounced his US citizenship is great news for the Somali people. Finally, the President can serve his people with the greatest will without any restraint. Dual nationality is not accepted for leaders of any state despite the Somali constitution allowing it because of the conflict it causes when making important decisions and reaching independent judgement. Now, President Farmajo is only Somali and is free to represent his people even in America where he was from before he became president.

The dual nationality of the President, Prime Minister, Ministers and MPs as well as civil servants, including Ambassadors, has been an issue which divided the Somali people. Many see this government as a Diaspora organization and do not understand what Somalia needs and were too conflicted to represent them abroad. It is true that the President has not visited the USA on any official business visit since his election because of diplomatic complications. Now though he is free to go to the UN General Assembly and even the White House for bilateral meetings without any wories because he is Somali and President Trump is no longer his leader.

President Farmajo has renounced his US citizenship at the right time because US foreign policy in Somalia is confusing and contradictory. Worst, the Somali Foreign Ministry is a great disaster which the government and Somali people cannot rely on. President Farmajo has done the best and most courageous thing for his country and people: he committed himself to Somalia and its future by giving up the most powerful passport in the world.

At home, President Farmajo will now enjoy greater moral authority and his commitment to his country will be clearer in the eyes of the leaders of the Federal Member States. Now, this group can no longer resent him for holding a foreign passport because he is just like them, a Somali citizen. Abroad, the President will be able to lead and champion a more robust and confident foreign policy without fear of reaction from the USA whose President Trump is becoming increasingly more hostile to Africa and, in particular, Somalia which he recently called a failed State. He even said President Farmajo’s government is a failed one. The Chinese, Arab and non-western nations will also see that President Farmajo intends to realise his ambitions for Somalia by putting his country’s interest above all else.

President Farmajo’ s example must be followed by the Prime Minister and all Ministers, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs who is also a Canadian citizen. Members of Parliament must show their commitment to Somalia too and give up their foreign passports. This must be made into law in the future constitution. Only Somalis must and can represent Somalia best.