We will never forget you – UM

President Farmajo welcomes the fallen soldiers home. Photo: Villa Somalia

Mogadishu (UM) – Today the bodies of Generals Omar Aden Dhabad ( Omar Dheere) and Abdi Ali Jamaame and other brave soldiers who paid the ultimate price for this nation’s security were flown to Mogadishu to be laid to rest.

Their bodies were met at Villa Somlia by President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and the Chief of Defense Forces and other dignataries who participated in the State Funeral held inside Villa Somalia. The sacrifices of Somalia’s heroes who were killed by roadside bomb yesterday in Dhanane will never be forgotten. They did what most ordinary citizens cannot and will not do for the benefit of our national security and therefore they were extraordinary people.

The president who is the Commander in- Chief of the Armed Forces did the honorable thing and helped to lead the State Funeral of the fallen soldiers. From the pictures the President looked very sad and yet reflective. The feelings are important because it brings home to people of Somalia the commitment of the president to advance Somalia’s national security. The President must be remain angry but not lose heart because the majority of the soldiers are courageous and with a little bit more honest international support they can get the job done.

There are many challenges in the security sector reforms but the government must persevere. We must train, arm and pay our soldiers better. We must also treat their families with greater respect and look after them from the beginning until the end. If our soldiers are ready and willing to sacrifice their lives in our defense we must be ready to stand by them. Mr. President, Somalia mourns with you but there are brighter days ahead thanks to our courageous security forces.