UM Analysis Budget 2018: Public hearing a good start – UM


Mogadishu (UM) – The public hearing on the 2018 budget today led by the Parliamentary Committee on Finance is a welcome change. The fact that the Minister himself, Dr. Beileh, participated with his senior management team is also a testament to their commitment to the process and its transparency.

Budgets are always difficult to discuss as there will be winners and losers. However, Somalia’s limited budget of just under $275 million does not leave much for the public service spending the Somali people desperately need.

The public hearing brought to light the great challenges and some successess on the fiscal front. Chief among these is the historic spending assigned for health and education. The public hearing also promoted and facilitated frank dialogue between the Government and public which can only improve the trust needed for the public to pay their taxes to finance their own future.

It is clear that more engagement is needed to further strengthen trust between government and the public if domestic revenue is to increase as Minister Beileh and his senior management team envisage. It is always good to talk and share ideas especially when finances are so tight.