Time to talk to Ahmed Madobe – UM

Ahmed Madobe won last month's Jubbaland State disputed leadership election which the Federal government declared as null and void.

Mogadishu (UM) – The calls for President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmajo to respond to Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe’s call to meet and find a way to work together is growing louder by the day. The dispute between the two men has not moved on since Ahmed Madobe won the disputed recent Jubbaland election which the Federal Ministry of Interior declared ‘null and void’ but Madobe says his re-election was fair and transparent. Both sides appealed to the International community to mediate but the most influential have chosen to stay away from the whole situation. It is now up to President Farmajo to decide where to go next from this impasse because it is clear from Madobe’ s press conference yesterday he is going nowhere but that he is open to working with the Federal government on policy priorities, economic and security reforms once political settlement is reached.

Ahmed Madobe is hurting from the Federal government restrictions on direct flights to Jubbaland and total disengagement with him. Sources close to him have told UM that he will benefit from the legitimacy a meeting with President Farmajo will bring but he will not negotiate on his right to be President. On the other hand President Farmajo want Madobe gone and is willing to continue his disengagement policy until Madobe just leaves. But this will not happen. Neither will give in and neither man will win in this current political deadlock.

A good way to deal with the issue of the Jubbaland elections is for President Farmajo to accept Ahmed Madobe’ s invitation to meet and then make his terms very clear. Dialogue is always a good start whatever the future outcomes.