The public have a right to know – UM


Mogadishu (UM) – The embarrassing scenes of yesterday’s Parliamentary fight between members of the house was a public shame in many ways. The Somali public saw their representatives behave worst than children and the Speaker, having lost control of the session called it to an end without a debate. The biggest shame is that Parliamentary session was suspended yesterday because some MPs did not want the questioning of the two Ministers in this Cabinet to be public and live. Parliament has become a complete joke and the Somali people cannot be lied to about the failed security policies because they are the victims. With or without the media, the Somali people and the world knows how bad the security situation is. Who do the MPs think they are kidding? Unlike them, the Somali people do not live in guarded houses and hotels and spend their days off in Nairobi: they live with the insecurity this government and parliament have so far failed to address.

The questioning of those Ministers and senior officials responsible for security is long over due. The Somali people have become victims of sustained terror attacks and a government whose only response is to close roads. So bring those responsible for security and let them be held accountable in public. There is no secret about the violence and fear the Somali people live with daily, so Parliamentarians must not pretend they are protecting any national interest by having closed sessions with the failed security leaders. The public deserve an explanation from them. They must provide it, or leave the job for those who can keep the public safe.

The Somali government is desperate to be held to account by other international stakeholders, but not by their own people. This is a betrayal of their duty to protect the Somali people on the part of the government and pro-government MPs in Parliament. The Minister responsible for security and others with major security roles must return before parliament, and on live broadcast must answer why they are failing the Somali people so terribly. These Ministers are good at self publicity, but now they must answer real questions in Somalia’s hour of most need..