Key facts about the Ahlu-sunna and Galmudug power-sharing deal – UM


Mogadishu (UM) – Ahlu-sunna a moderate Sufi movement in central Somalia and Galmudug state have finally made their power sharing deal official. In a ceremony held at the Somalia’ state Villa Somalia house and attended by the Somali president, Prime Minister as well as few cabinet ministers, the two sides singed a power-sharing agreements containing 14 points.

In the agreements the two sides agreed to create a new portfolio to accommodate the leader of Ahlu-sunah. That new posts will be chief minister and the current leader of Ahlu sunah will fill that post. The other posts Ahlu sunah may get as per the agreements include the Galmudug chief justice, either police chief or intelligence and other parliamentary seats. The final agreement will be concluded in Dhusa-mareb, the de facto capital of Galmudug. The final deal is a result of a three day IGAD brokered negotiation talks that was held in Djibouti which paved the way for architection of this accord.

Ahlu sunah and Galmudug have  for many years rejected recognising each other and even engaged in bloody conflict which resulted the death of many of their soldiers and innocent civilians. These comes at a time the Somali government is preparing to launch a campaign to flush out Al-Shabab from the areas under their control. This new measure bringing together Ahlu-sunnah and Galmudug may help Somali government achieve that goal.