Speaker’s decision opens the door for future instabilty -UM


Mogadishu (UM) – The Speaker of the House of the People Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawaari has made a historic decision by announcing that he will put his future in the hands of MPs who will decide whether he stays or goes within 10 days. Until this announcement by the Speaker today, there was dispute between the government and supporters of Speaker Jawaari as to whether or not the motion of no confidence was legally valid. Now, all eyes and minds are focused on the upcoming battle for survival for Jawaari and, if he wins, the government’s reaction and response.

It’s clear that neither the government nor the Speaker will back down in this high stake political standoff. It’s a fight to the end without compromise which the Somali people have seen in previous administrations.

However, what makes this fight unique is that, it will normalise the political challenges between the Executive and Legislature. We have entered a period of permanent political civil war between this current and the future Speakers of the Parliament and President and Prime Minister. Both of them will be supported in destabilising Somalia by incompetent greedy MPs who want to make fast-cash or gain Ministerial positions they can’t fulfil at the expense of the suffering Somali people.

There are no heroes of this sad story of political breakdown in Somalia driven by petty politics and self-serving interests.

Whatever, the result of the Motion of No Confidence against the Speaker, Somalia will be more politically unstable. The Speaker, President and the Prime Minister will sleep with one eye open from now on.