Speaker v PM: It will be one or the other! – UM

The speaker of the Federal Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman and Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire. Photo: Google

Mogadishu (UM) – The Motion and counter motion flying between Villa Somalia and the Parliament has confused the Somali people and the watching world. This is the first time the Executive has directly targeted the Speaker of Parliament with a Motion of No Confidence with which Parliamentarians loyal to the Speaker have responded with a Motion against the Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire.

The Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawaari is arguing that the Motion against him failed after the some 16 MPs withdrew their support for it. His Deputy, Muday, claims that the original number which presented the motion to him still stands and the Motion of No Confidence must go ahead.

The Speaker welcomed this last night so long as it takes place outside Parliament and in a neutral space. The Prime Minister is actively asking all his Ministers to rally all clan and friendly MPs support to his government to defend against a Parliamentary Motion of No Confidence against him. The President, the main arbiter, is so far silent fuelling speculation that he is either unable to control the Prime Minister and his actions or that he is actively supporting him. Either way, the President’s silence is further escalating the situation.

The reasons for the Motions are very unclear and both sides have a story of their own to tell. These stories are the usual tale of suspicion and mistrust underpinned by the immature and destructive African Big Man syndrome prevalent in Somali politics. If this is the case after the final analysis, the real losers will be the Somali people who once again will be betrayed by petty politics, foreign meddling and their greedy MPs.

Somalia’s recent story is one of political instability despite an internationally recognized and backed government. The former President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud left office without achieving a single one of his 6 Pillar Plans but having replaced 2 Prime Ministers and appointing a third that just undermined his administration from the beginning.

This Government led by President Farmaajo has gone a whole year without disturbances but now the claim of political stability will no longer be credible until this pointless mess is resolved.

All small truths in both sides explanations so far point to one eventual outcome, there will only be one survivor. Somali politics does not accommodate compromises well and the position of Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament has many MPs and political beasts eyeing it up. Even if the President is able to achieve temporary ceasefire through quiet diplomacy, the Prime Minister and Speaker will never have the trust to work together in good faith ever again.

Whenever the time is, Somalia will need either a new Prime Minister or Speaker. What an unnecessary waste of time and betrayal of the public expectations.