Some Takeaways of the National Security Council in Baidoa


Mogadishu (UM) – Federal government top leadership as well as member state leaders gathered in Baidoa, the interim capital of South West state of Somalia, to discuss among other issues security, politics, resource sharing and other issues of common interest.

After two days of back door negotiations, the leaders of both federal government and its regional federal members states agreed to certain points ranging from the transition security plan, to elections of 2020 and resource sharing.

On Security

In a communiqué they released after the conclusion of the conference, the leaders of both federal government and member states agreed to the following points:

The national council, keeping in mind the importance of security in the country and the need to have inclusive national security architecture, agreed to the transition plan in which Amisom will hand over the security to the Somali national army.

For the Somali army to shoulder such responsibility the council noted the importance of readiness of the army and to achieve this there must be mechanism and framework that ensures the army is capable and ready to take over.

This is a part of the transition plan and technical committees were tasked to come with a work plan. For instance the national commission of the integration of the army were given thirty days to come up with a work plan; the other designated technical team is to finalize the security devolution in member states within 60 days.

The council also agreed launching national security centres across the country in order to coordinate the government operations. All this efforts are made in order to speed up the war against the anti-government forces in the country.

Some member state such as Puntland and Galmudug will receive federal government support since they do not have Amisom presence. The South west dervish police will also coordinate and work closely with the national army in the operation of reopening the now Baidoa to Mogadishu blocked route.

On Politics and the anticipated 2020 elections

The national Security Council adopted the model of the 2020 elections as per the agreement of Baidoa. The council in its entirety braced for the one man one vote election exercise that is planned to take place in the year 2020.The council also approved the member state constitutional review teams in order to accelerate the constitution making process.

On sovereignty and territorial integrity of Somalia

The council asserts the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Somalia.

On resource sharing and taxation

The national Security Council agreed to the Baidoa resource sharing agreement and had also accepted the common revenue and taxation as laid out in the Baidoa resource sharing agreement. The specific areas where leaders were in agreement are: imposition taxation on ports, on income and common taxation regime.

The conference concluded in Baidoa after two days of back and forth negotiations and all seemed well with both regional and federal leaders. However many wonder whether the signed documents will be implemented. It is easy to sign a document and many have been signed before, yet the challenge always remains implementation based on a common vision and backed by resources.