Somalia’s chief of justice suspends 18 judges


Somalia’s Chief Justice Ibrahim Iidle Saleeban on Tuesday suspended 18 judges in the capital Mogadishu, in response to public complaints about their rulings, according to the state news agency SONNA.

Six of the judges — the Banadir Regional Court chief and the Abdiaziz and Hamar Jajab district court chairs, plus three judges from the Banadir Regional Court — had been appointed by Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the previous president of the Horn of Africa nation.

Three judges from the Regional Appeals Court were also suspended.

Also suspended were the chairs of the following court districts: Shangani, Yaqshiid, Dharkinley, Hamarweyne, Dayniile and also four judges operating in Hamar Jajab, Dayniile, Yaqshiid and Dharkinley.

On Feb. 8, incoming President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo promised reforms to the county’s judiciary, and suspension of the 18 judges will be the first step in that direction since his election.