Somalia: Ministry of Finance welcomes new Accountant General

Ministry of Finance welcomes new Accountant General Oct 07.2017/MoF

Mogadishu ( UM) – The meeting was attended by the Finance Minister Dr. Beileh and his Deputy and State Minister, the State Attorney General, Central Bank Deputy Governor, representatives from the Auditor General’s Office and the PM and Office of the President.

Minister Beileh opened the ceremony by thanking the outgoing Accountant General (AG) Siraaji for his services to the Somali people. He described him as a “dictionary of Somali Finance.”

The Minister than welcomed the new AG and promised to work closely with her to ensure the progress and development of the Somali financial system.

Outgoing AG Siraaji delivered a speech in which he presented the successes and challenges of the Accountant General’s Office during his tenure, including that he was the first in the role since the collapse of the State to present annual accounts to Parliament. He thanked all the national and international partners who worked with him during his time in office and he wished the new AG success in her new role.

The new Accountant General thanked the Somali Government and people for placing their trust in her and providing her with the opportunity to continue serving Somalia. She made clear that she was committed to transparency and working for the progress of Somalia.