Somalia: Bad workers will not be paid, Says Finance Minister


Mogadishu (UM) – The Minister of Finance Abdirahman Beileh announced that civil servants and government consultants who did not fulfil their obligations will not be paid.

During a press conference reviewing the Ministry of Finances achievements for the last 6 months, Minister Beileh said it was dishonest and wrong to pay those that do not fulfil their duties as public servants.

“I don’t care who they bring to pressure me to pay them, they will not be paid,” said the Minister.

The Minister repeatedly mentioned the importance of common responsibility for Somalia’s financial and economic progress. He stresses that a system of accountability must be enforced.

“Civil servants and government consultants must be held accountable for their performance. They must deliver for the people for their salaries,” added the Minister.

Minister Beileh said that the Civil service and Security Sector payroll reforms are going well and that his Ministry will work with the Ministry of Labour to make sure only those that work are paid.