Somalia AG has asked the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity from two MPs

Xeer ilaaliyaha guud ee Soomaaliya, Axmed Cali Daahir Sawirka/ BBC Somali

Mogadishu(UM) – Somalia’s Attorney General Ahmed Ali Dahir has asked the parliament to withdraw parliamentary immunity from two member of parliament so that they can be investigated on alleged charges of colluding with foreign entities in order to create chaos and political instability in Somalia.

The attorney said he sent a letter to the parliament asking the removal of immunity from Hassan Maolin and Mr Sabir Nur Shurie both MPs whom he accused of getting material support from foreign countries in order to undermine Somali’s sovereignty.

The attorney ordered the judiciary to proceed with their duties ,but it is not clear how the parliament will receive this and whether they will remove the parliamentary immunity from the accused .

This is the first time the attorney general has ever asked the withdrawal of parliamentary immunity from a serving MP.