Somali security failures must end – UM


Mogadishu (UM) – Yesterday was a dark day for Somali security. More than 4 explosions went off in strategic places and the number of the innocent dead and wounded are not clear yet. The explosions were targeted to shock and terrorize the Somali people and they have done their job. The Somali people are frightened and ever more angry with the federal government for the continuing security failure. Words fail to describe the level of anger as the Somali security forces failure is most obvious to everybody. Worst rumours are circulating that the terrorists were wearing the latest Somali Police Force Uniforms. If this is true, it is an even a worst tragedy.

This whole week the argument was about the registration of soldiers and the reforms that will make them fit for purpose. The Somali Police Force and NISA are  also failing because the intelligence and policing are not preventing the destructive terrorist attacks. The level of failure prompted the President and Prime Minister to make public statements condemning the yesterday’s terrorist attacks which is not their usual tactics. Both liked to ignore terrorist attacks and play it down but yesterday the level of violence prompted them to speak. Both of their words have had little effect because the public are tired of talk, never ending condolences and failure to keep them safe. This government has many over-paid security advisers and they have publicized themselves as reformers but what use is their advice if it keeps failing against a violent enemy that is always beating their strategies? Reforms are supposed to be going strong in the security sector if the public believe what they are told by this government but where are the results? Mogadishu has become a battleground again. In the face of sustained terrorist attacks, nothing has changed in the government’s response. The terrorist are working hard to weaken the link and trust between the people and the government. So far we are lucky that the Somali people are totally against supporting terrorism despite their disillusionment with their government’s security policies and responses.

The Prime Minister, like usual, quickly got together security leaders and the international community after the attacks but what use is this? There are promises of new offensives and a promise to destroy Al-Shabaab. Again, why was their no joint Somali-AMISOM offensive before? The Somali people feel that the international community is not fully helping Somalia in the security sector because of conflicting interests. AMISOM has not launched any major offensive lately and are threatening to pull out of Somalia because of financing. The Americans are mostly just bombing from the air. The European Union is determined to cut financing to AMISOM but not transfer the financial support to the Somali National Army. The Somali National Army is not reforming fast enough and is still very clan oriented. How can anybody be hopeful about the future security of Somalia?

The tragedy of yesterday’s multiple explosions across the capital is that it follows another fatal attack on Maka-Al-Makarama road only two weeks ago which killed and injured many innocents and destroyed private property. Many of the famous hotels that were hit may never recover. The lives lost have been in vain if terrorists are able to continue killing innocent Somalis at will. Both the President and Prime Minister must stop their reactive policies and finally get hold of the security sector. The whole Somali population can’t live in the comfort of Villa Somalia like our leaders and their dangerously incompetent security advisers.

As a presidential candidate president Farmajo once said “will we always be in mourning?” As President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces today he needs to answer this question himself.