Somali PM tells businesses to pay their taxes


Mogadishu  (UM) – In two separate meetings organised by the Ministry of Finance with established business owners and new entrepreneurs, the PM Hassan Ali Kheyre stressed the importance of businesses paying taxes.

The Prime Minister stated that Somalia cannot continue to beg for international assistance and must quickly stand on its feet financially. He said that the Somali business community has achieved much in the absence of Government in the past but that his government is now ready to support them to expand and grow to benefit them and the country.

“When I was asked by the Turkish President what he can do for us, I said open your markets to our entpreneurs I replied,” said the PM.

PM Kheyre promised his government will work harder to improve the business environment and work in a transparent manner to achieve higher economic growth and higher domestic revenue to finance key public services.

PM Kheyre instructed the Minister of Finance, Dr. Beileh, and the Cabinet Economic Committee of which he is a member to work closely with the business community to advance the ongoing discussions between the business commynity and the Government.