Somali National Forces (SNA) destroy Alshabaab’s Andalus FM Radio Station In Lower Shabelle


Alshabaab owned Radio station was on Monday destroyed during an operation in Lower Shabelle region, military official confirmed  onTuesday.

Somali government had last week vowed to intensify offensives against Alshabaab, a year after President, Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo promised to get rid of the group during his election campaign for presidency.

SNA force commander, General, Abdullahi Ali Anod said Monday’s raid involved Somali army and destroyed Radio Andulus which used to promote Alshabaab’s propaganda and  recruitment of new fighters.

” A well coordinated operation against Alshabaab was carried out yesterday in Lower Shabelle, the forces destroyed Radio Andulus which was Alshabaab’s propaganda tool and and other bases,” General Anod said.

The move comes barely five days after president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo announced new air and ground offensives against Alshabaab.

Speaking to BBC Somali Service last week, Farmaajo said his administration will collaborate US government in the plans to execute new airstrikes against the group.

” We are planning to start new offensives against Alshabaab. We have discussed with US government over the plans of airstrikes against the group. We also talked about means to reduce collateral damages during US air raid against,” said president farmajo.

Alshabaab which wants to overthrow Somali government still controls a large swath of land of remote areas in central and South.

Source: Hol