President Trump is wrong about Somalia! – UM

Donald Trump describes Somalia as a failed State. Photo courtesy:

Mogadishu (UM) – No matter what Ambassador Donald Yamamoto says or writes today as he did on Somali websites, he can’t apologise for the insult his racist President Donald Trump hurled at Somalia a few days ago when he said it is a “Failed State and government.” President Trump has insulted Somalia many times and this government and its useless Foreign Ministry and sleeping Presidency have let him get away with it. The Somali people are angry and all over social media and in public places they are asking themselves why their President and government do not respond? President Trump attacked the dignity of every Somali when he said their country and government are both failures. Why the silence from the Federal government? Many Somalis believe President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo is too scared to lose his US citizenship by defending the country he leads and his legacy from his President Trump publicly.

President Trump’s attack on Somalia is a deliberate act of diplomatic sabotage and national shaming at the International level. This government has tired the public with its achievements but it can’t defend this against an aggressive ignorant President who is turning the world upside down with his divisiveness and America First nonsense.

The Somali government has dishonoured its people with its silence against the aggression of the bully President Trump. The government has even failed to defend its own legacy. Why would a government with some success and public support keep silent? This is a national shame and embarrassment.

To show the public anger the Somali government must call Ambassador Yamamoto to explain what his ignorant and racist President Trump meant by Somalia been a failed State. An article to calm the Somali anger about America’s contribution to Somalia and strong bilateral relationship which its President does not believe is not enough from Ambassador Yamamoto. The Somali people need a better explanation if as he says they are an American friend.

President Farmajo as head of state must remember the famous Somali saying “Haddaad dhimaneyso dhareerka ayaa la iska tiraa.”