Photos: The Mogadishu’s 14 October Zoope Deadly Truck Bombing Suspects Appear In Court


Five men accused of having a role in a deadly truck bombing in Mogadishu have made their first appearance in a Somali military court on Monday.

The suspects – Hassan Adan Isack Ali, 23, Abdullahi Ibrahim Hassan Absuge, Abdiweli Ahmed Diriye, 32, Mukhtar Mohamud Hassan, 43, and, Abdul Abdi Warsame Ali, 35, are held in connection with Oct 14 attack. Absuge was absent from today’s court hearing.

According to Hassan Ali Nur Shute, the head of the military court said one of the men – Hassan Aden Isack Ali, 23 was the driver of the second vehicle went off at nearby Danwadagaha area, minutes of the first attack.

Ali was also responsible for Al Shabaab’s explosions and assassinations against government officials, public servants, and Security force personnel in Mogadishu, Shute added.

Somali prosecutors say the five men have been detained by the Security forces for involving in Somalia’s worst-ever terror attack occurred at Km5 Zoobe junction in the capital which killed 512 civilians.

After hearing all charges against the defendants, the court judge said that the case will be heard again next Thursday, 4th January 2018, allowing the lawyers and prosecutors for time to complete their evidence.