Lawmakers of the semi-autonomous region of Galmudug have voted out president – (UM)


Mogadishu (UM)  MPs of the Somalia’s Galmudug state have voted on Tuesday to oust their newly elected president Ahmed Dualle Haaf who after a vote of no confidence was accused of sabotaging the administration by placing his deputy and parliament speaker under house arrest in a new rift triggered by Haaf’s single-handed decision to back the Saudi-led coalition.

Ali Ga’al Aseyr, Galmudug’s parliament speaker has confirmed the dismissal of president Haaf in a BBC interview though he did not preside the assembly as he is placed under house arrest. 52 lawmakers have voted in favour of the motion while 2 rejected and one MP has abstained.

The move comes following weeks of Federal government and regional state members divide over the issue of the Gulf crisis and Somalia’s recent decision to remain neutral over the political feud between the Saudi-led-coalition and Qatar. In a recent statement issued by the the Somali Foreign Ministry states that only Somali Federal government has the ultimate decision-making in Foreign policy related issues.

Few days after Duale Haaf announced his support for the Saudi-led alliance, he flew to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where he is believed to have forged a deal with the allied countries. The vote of no confidence against Haaf and his administration and its legitimacy remains unclear as the move is likely to plunge this fledging new administration into further chaos as Duale Haaf has issued a decree outlawing political gatherings in the interim capital Adaado as a sign of deviance against his removal for a post he was only elected few months ago.

Duale Haaf, a former Khat trader and a businessman was elected as the second Galmudug president after resignation by Abdikarim Guled for cited health reasons.