Free health services by Qatar Charity in Somalia help treat IDPs – QNA


Qatar Charity (QC) continues to provide free health services for those affected in Somalia by the drought in rural areas.

In a press release, QC said that the number of sick and affected people who have been provided with health services since March till August this year exceeded 35,000 people.

Qatar Charity said that its office in Somalia has been operating mobile medical convoys since the beginning of the drought crisis this year in the most affected areas, where people suffer from various problems and diseases caused by this crisis.

The association is providing health services to the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Mogadishu, Bosaso and Kismayo in coordination with the relevant authorities in the targeted areas and in cooperation with local partners in the field.

Qatar Charity noted that the activities of the medical teams include meetings with patients, examination, dispensing of the necessary medicines and giving instructions and health tips, in addition to the collective awareness programmes through lectures on public health and ways to prevent diseases breakouts.

Qatar Charity is working with a number of international organisations to serve the health sector in Somalia. QC signed an agreement with the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities in June 2015 to provide free health services for children and pregnant women in Somalia’s central Shebelle governorate.

Source: Qatar News Agecy (QNA)