Eid must be a time for reflection on our broken politics – UM

President Farmajo addressing the public on the occasion of Eidul Adhha yesterday in Mogadishu.

Mogadishu (UM) – Nabad and Nolol is the slogan of the current administration of President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who wished all Somalis a happy Eid and a prosperous future. The message was nice and told every Somali to play their part in making Somalia safe and progressive. Nabad and Nolol is a great goal but the political stalemate in Somalia is a cause for real concern for its people.

The government of President Farmajo has a difficult few months ahead in which it must turn around the political fortunes of Somalia. After an extended period of stay and travel by the Prime Minister, the Galmuduug regional state issues remain static. Clan tensions are high and the politics is very divided and uncertain. There is even talk of President Ahmed Duale “Haaf” running for the Presidency again after agreeing to step down under a month ago after allegedly accepting a financial settlement according to credible sources and the Somali media. Jubbaland remains volatile and the upcoming elections will hopefully take place without violence. This is the best that can be hoped for as both incumbent Ahmed Madoobe, other presidential candidates and the federal government remain divided. A victory for Ahmed Madoobe will likely increase the gulf between Jubbaland and the federal government while a new president in Jubbaland will face the spoilers left behind from this regime. Whoever wins, Jubbaland will impact on the Somali people disproportionately becasue of the levels of animosity between president Farmajo and Ahmed Madoobe. Even neutral influential diplomatic missions including the USA, EU and United Nations Mission in Somalia have failed in their attempts to negotiate between the two sides.

Divided politics is everywhere in Somalia and it will have profound effect on Security, the economy and the upcoming Somali Partnership Forum meetings planned for the later part of this year. Honesty, political will and an assessment of what will be lost against what can be gained with internal political division is needed on all sides. Financing for the National Development Plan, Debt cancellation and a fair constitutional process will not happen without better politics. The Somali people, once again, remain hostage of bad politics driven by ego and individual pride.

Since it is Eid and many members of the Somali government have performed he Hajj pilgrimage, it is time to reflect and chart a better political cause for the sake of the Somali people. Allah SWT is indeed watching and history will not look kindly on this period if political compromises are not made.