Deputy Foreign Minister served with an arrest warrant by Police


Mogadishu (UM) – An attempt to arrest the Deputy Foreign Minister Mukhtar Mahad Da’ud at his office was postponed as he was asked to present himself before the Courts.

Witnesses said police from the CID division stormed the Ministry attempting to arrest Minister Da’uud but he resisted and refused to go with them.

“There was alot of shouting and screaming and gunshots in the air,” said an onlooker. “The Minister and some of his staff at the Ministry openly fought with the police to stop the arrest.”

Although the reason for the arrest is not yet clear, Ministry of Foreign Affairs sources who spoke with the police said that the Minister was accused of not appearing before the Courts despite being summoned many times. The charge for which he was to be arrested for is also not clear but a Police insider told UM it is for allegation of corruption.

UM will follow this story closely and will report as more information emerges.