Crisis at the Foreign Ministry as Minister Awad fights with his State Minister

The dispute between the two ministers concerns the appointment of diplomats according to senior sources at the Ministry. Photo courtesy: Google

Mogadishu (UM) – As ministers’ dispute escalates, a senior sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have confidentially confirmed to UM that there is a big dispute between Minister Ahmed Awad and his State Minister Abdulkadir Ahmed Kheir. The senior source also stated that Minister Awad has stopped the State Minister’s right to sign official documents.

The senior source said that the dispute between two ministers concerns the appointment of diplomats with each accusing the other of appointing their clan members.

“Minister Awad is upset with his State minister because he signed documents appointing people to embassies without his knowledge. The State Minister is saying this his right and Minister Awad always acts clannish,” said the source.

The dispute between the two Ministers has hurt already low morale at the Ministry which the confidential source said is poorly led and managed by both ministers and a weak new Permenant Secretary.
Staff at the Ministry gave complained that outsider political appointments gave taken their places in Embassies and there is a build up of unregistered employees brought by both Minister Awad and his State Minister.

“The Ministry is a complete mess. Staff are looking for other Ministries to transfer to escape this place. The Ministers are bringing new staff without official registration,” said another senior official within the Ministry who did not want to be named. “This Ministry is always empty because people don’t want to waste their time here.”

Some of his staff have accused Minister Awad poor vision, leadership and wasting time in meetings giving lectures “they don’t need”. Some blame Minister Awad for the ongoing dispute with his State Minister.

“Minister Awad should lead by example but he is not doing this,” said an experienced diplomat in confidence. “There is too much injustice and bad practice at the Ministry and it is hurting this great institution which Minister Awad does not care about.”

Others interviewed said that both Minister Awad and his State Minister have acted clannish and are now arguing over their “injustice.”

“We have problems with political appointees and parachutes in the Ministry but now they are been appointed by both Ministers because of clan affiliation,” said another source at the Ministry. “Minister Awad and Minister Abdulkadir are both wrong in their actions. This Ministry should be the mirror of our country but it is a dirty corrupt and dysfunctional place now.”Another staff at the Ministry who declined to be named told UM.