Comments from witnesses in latest Maka Al Mukarama attack


“Just really angry because nobody is learning anything new or doing anything different. I feel like no one cares”
Asha, trader on the road

“We have come to be very scared and worried after a small time when there are no attacks. We wonder when will it happen. Maka Al Mukarama road is where I live, I have nowhere else to go. So I will wait and see what happens”

Mohamed, resident

“I don’t send my kids to do shopping on Maka Al Mukarama road anymore becuase I don’t know what will happen. This road is cursed and nobody cares. Maybe if the Security bosses in Villa Somalia lived on this road it would be better”

Nura Osman, mother and resident

“Nabad and Nolol has failed in Secuirty. I don’t want the Prime Minister or any of them worthless advisers talking about security anymore to foreigners like it is getting better because it is not. The Prime Minister walked down Maka Road with a bulletproof car and his whole Security even after closing the road sometime last year. This is enough to make us all ordinary people angry. I don’t have a bulletproof car. I have to live and work to survive”

Mohamed Younis, trader and part time teacher.

“I avoid Maka Al Mukarama road because I scared. I only show there sometimes because of the supermarkets but otherwise i hate it”

Habon, student

“Why can’t the government use CCTV and better intelligence? This government has to know they cannot fix our security from the planes they are always on and Villa Somalia and AbdiAziz district where they all hide and have turned into a militarized zone”

Anonymous comment- interviewee on Maka Al Mukarama road.

“I am always saddened by terrorists who hurt their own families & communities. Rather than bring solutions they are taking a criminal cowardly route. No amount of violence can deter Somalia and its people from the progress we seek to achieve. Evil violence only strengthens our resolve”.