Banadir administration bans the importation of autorichkshaw


Mogadishu ( UM) – Banadir Regional Administration has today banned the importation of autorickshaw or (OutTuktuk) and gave the dealers of the rickshaws two months’ time to clear their remaining stock with customs officials.

In a directive issued today by the Mogadishu Mayor Abdirahman Omar Osman has banned the importation of new autorickshaw citing security reasons and public safety for the decision. The ban comes out as a result of a recommendation by the traffic department suggesting an end to the importation of the three-wheeled vehicle due to an increase of motor accidents caused by the autorickshaws.

In the directive, the administration decried the disproportionate increase of the vehicle leading to an upsurge of insecurity and traffic congestion inside the capital. The drivers were recommnecded to drive with care and reasonably and in line with the traffic rules and regulations.

The three-wheeled vehicle remains the most sought-after taxi service in the city and that attracted many youngsters leading to an unprecedented competition between autorickshaw dealers who flooded the city with a large supply of auto rickshaw leading to an upsurge of motoar accidents in major interjections involving auto rickshaw and mini cars.