Alshabab claims responsibility of killing father of Somalia’s Military Court Chief


Al-Shabab assassins have shot dead the father of Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shute, the chairman of the Somali military court in Mogadishu on Tuesday evening.

The late father – Ali Nur Shute was assassinated inside his house at Boocle market in the capital’s Dharkenley district by two men armed with pistols, according to a witnesses who spoke with a condition on anonymity.

Shute was shot several times in the head and chest and sustained critical wounds during the shooting. He has been immediately rushed to hospital but pronounced dead before arrival at Hospital.

The killers were reported to have managed to escape the scene before the arrival of Police authorities who launched an investigation and manhunt mission in the area, but no arrest has been reported.

AlShabaab have claimed responsibility of the murder in what seems to be an act of vengeance against his son’s rulings against Alshabaab convicted members at the military court. In a statement posted on its affiliated websites, the militants said they were behind the murder. There was no any comment from the Security agencies on the assassination.

The incident coincides with the trials of five Al Shabaab suspects convicted of being behind a truck bombing, Somalia’s worst-ever terrorist attack in Mogadishu which left 512 people dead on 14th October 2016.