Alert issued on Al shabaab militia planning attacks in Meru


The government has issued a security alert after details emerged that Al Shabaab are planning new attacks in the country.

The police reported that militants had been dispatched to an undisclosed premise in Meru, Kenya.

A Somali businessman operating in Meru and the North Eastern region is believed to be accommodating them.

Imenti North Deputy county commissioner Isaac Masinde stated that the terrorists were dispatched at an unspecified date in July 2018.

“They are believed to be holed up at an undisclosed premise where they are planning how to execute their attacks to commemorate their fallen heroes on an unspecified date,” he mentioned.

Masinde directed the OCPD to be alert and vigilant to fend off terrorist attacks.

“They are targeting prime targets like departmental stores (supermarket) institutions of higher learning, churches, government institutions (offices/hospitals) among others.”