Ahmed Madobe and opposition leaders shamed themselves with Kenyan interference – UM

Ahmed Madobe's Swearing-in ceremony in Kismayo on October 12, 2019. Photo courtesy: Jubbaland State House.

Mogadishu (UM) – The Kismayo swearing-in ceremony of Ahmed Mohamed Islam “Madobe” was a shameful exercise in betrayal. How could Aden Duale, the long serving but ineffective Kenyan national assembly Majority leader, violate Somali airspace to attend? How could he interfere in Somali politics with his fake messages of reconciliation from Kenya? Somalis will not negotiate away their maritime borders. Somalis are grateful to Kenya for its past good neighbourly acts but this is not something to keep repeating. Aden Duale spoke at the Swearing-In ceremony and said shamelessly that Kenya’s interest in Jubbaland, not Somalia, was security cooperation. This is done with the Federal government not the Federal member states. He said he felt Kenyan Defence Forces have been discriminated against by Somalis but how? Somalis are the patient ones keeping a potentially enemy force within its borders and feeding and equipping it for security they are doing badly under AMISOM.

What is sad is that the Somali opposition leaders sat there listening to Aden Duale give his “appreciate Kenya” speech and laughing. This is unacceptable. How can the opposition expect to lead this country if they are betraying it? This opposition is proving to be worthless. No ideas, no clear direction and, certainly, no unity within aside from replacing President Farmaajo. This obsession is not enough to be trust by the Somali people: UM advised that the opposition should offer alternatives. Where are these? Aden Duale is Kenyan, first, second and third. He is not a Somali and he said that much in his long confused and Kenya “did this for your speech.” So, the opposition and Madobe shoudl not tell us he is Somali visiting his country like some have suggested.

The Swearing-in ceremony of Ahmed Madobe was another example of Somalia’s disunity in the eyes of the world. The Ministry of Interior, instead of issuing statements, should consider ways to open dialogue with Madobe and Madobe should stop paying lip service to his offer of reconciliation with the Federal government and show it by not inviting Kenya into Somalia’s sovereign territory for his own legitimacy.

The Madobe Swearing-in ceremony was a national shame for Somalia and more so for the opposition leaders and Ahmed Madobe who have undermined Somalia’s national interest. This shame is a humiliation for the Somali people. It is time all sides, government and opposition to start thinking about how to move forward from this as one country.