Photos: Ahlu-sunna and Galmudug have officially merged under a power-sharing deal


Somalia’s moderate Islamist militia Ahlu Sunna Waljama’a (ASWJ) has officially merged with its rival Galmudug during a ceremony held in Dhusamareb on Thursday.

ASWJ’s leader, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir has announced that they agreed to merge with Galmudug State “politically and militarily” following a power-sharing agreement signed in Mogadishu on 6th December, 2017.

For his part, Galmudug President Ahmed Dualle Geelle has welcomed the amalgamation as a historic day for his administration and local people as it paves the way for peace and resolving the long-running conflict.

President Farmajo, State presidents, the governor of Benadir region, Ministers, MPs and members of the international community attended the event to mark peace agreement between Galmudug and ASWJ.

Farmajo has applauded the move and called for the implementation of the agreement.

“It’s a great day that marks the unification of the central regions in particular, and a victory for the people of Somalia as a whole,” said Somali President in a statement.

This was the final journey for the reconciliation process for the central regions in Somalia and both leaders agreed to set aside their differences and join hands in pursuing the development and unification of Galmudug.

The group’s leader, Sheikh Mohamed Shakir is designated to be the state’s Chief of Ministers after the political power-share pact in which both sides agreed to bury the hatchet and years of friction and power dispute.

The flag of Galmudug has flown over the new Presidential Palace in the designated capital, Dhusamareb, for the first time ever since the establishment of the Somali Federal Member State in 2014 in Adado town