Ahlu-sunah and Galmudug reach a preliminary agreement


MOGADISHU (UM) —Ahlu-sunah and Galmudug have agreed in principle to end their disagreements and reached preliminary agreement that will be formalized later on this week.

After three days of talks brokered by IGAD, the two sides resoleved to end their disagreements .

According to the Vice President of Galmudug Mohamed Hashi both sides have so far agreed on certain points of cooperation.

Ahlu sunah accepted the legitimacy of Galmudug State and therefore decided to join the administration officially.

Galmudug will in turn give Ahlu sunah certain posts like the state government intelliegence chief, the state government army commander and the Governor of Galgaduud region as well as other
Parliamentary posts.

The two sides also agreed to carry out joint operations against Al-Shabab in the areas that come under Galmudug state government.

Ahlu sunah initially rejected Galmudug’s legitimacy since it is inception in 2015. Ahlu sunah rejected Galmudug because they were not consulted since both sides were did not have a working relationship and even engaged in a bloody conflict.

This agreement , if finalized,will usher in a new era of unity in the region and many hope will improve the social and economical conditions of the region.

The discussions between Galmuduug state and Ahlu Sunah is still ongoung in Djibouti.