Somalia’s chief justice removed from post as part of judicial shake up

Guddoomiyaha xilka laga qaaday Ibraahim Iidle Suleymaan. Sawirka: Villa Somalia

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo on Sunday sacked the country’s Chief Justice Ibrahim Idle Suleiman.

Suleiman has held the position since May 2016.

In a written statement, Farmajo said the decision was part of a broader plan to revamp the nation’s justice sector.

Having taken office in February 2017, Farmajo pledged to initiate changes in Somalia’s systems as well as beef up security measures to help tackle Alshabaab.

Ibrahim Idle Suleiman, who served as the Chief Justice for two years, was dismissed as a part of Farmajo’s plan for judicial reform.

President Farmajo named Bashe Yusuf Ahmed as his replacement.

“In response to our pledge provide transparent and equitable justice system, I have appointed Bashe Yusuf Ahmed as the Chief Justice of Somalia’s High Court,” said the President in a written Statement.

President Farmaajo called on the House of the People and the Somali government to complete the Judicial Service Commission and to adopt the provisional constitution and the legal framework for the judicial services to reform the country’s judicial system.

Suleiman was appointed the chief justice in May 2016 by former president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud replacing Aided Ilkahanaf who served as chief justice since 2011.

Since taking office last February, President Farmajo has promised to initiate drastic changes to many of Somalia’s vital institutions.